About Us

Karian’s is a family business set up by Karen and Ian Shillabeer in 2009 originally as a closed workshop offering picture framing and wooden toys. Sadly in 2014, Ian passed away and the business was put on hold until 2015/2016 when Tim got involved and motivated Karen to reopen the business and add a small shop to sell a few household items, models and various craft activities and board games.
Sadly, in November 2017, Karen passed away and the business was passed on to Ashley to manage. Both Tim and Ashley remain committed to keep the business up and running in memory of the founders Karen and Ian and currently have a range of items in stock, with some available to fund raise for Cornwall Hospice Care. In May 2018, a refresh was started to be put into place, with posts and unit entrance being painted and new signage with new phone numbers and contact details being put on order. Also, the business temporarily became known as Karian’s @ Unit 5 due to the lack of a picture framing service while the big unit reorganization starts to happen, with a heavy focus on wooden items for your garden, courtesy of Tim.
In July 2018, the business officially became known as “Karian’s Curio Store & Workshop” with Cornwall Hospice Care as the chosen charity to support with proceeds donated regularly. Meanwhile, while things remain chaotic inside, the shop and workshop are slowly being restored after being used as temporary storage for a while.
In June 2019, the business started to relocate to Grenville Road, Old Hill. Still located within Falmouth, but at a smaller site, this has enabled the business to display what is on offer at a more practical site, giving the uncertain future of Ponsharden Industrial Estate, where the business had been operating from. For now, both locations remain attached to the business, while things are fully sorted out.